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PLEWA excellent – a smart concept

Cosiness plus hot water

PLEWA excellent "the smart" transforms the ecological fuel wood not only into cosy heat but also into hot water. By integrating a heat exchanger into the combustion chamber, we took the classic further to become a CO2-neutral source of heating. Combined with an additional heating system, UniTherm 2 either reduces or eliminates your fossil fuel consumption. With its compact prefabricated design, it can be connected to building services in a jiffy. 
It is an excellent complement for a heat pump.

Benefits at a glance

  • Room-sealed fireplace for a cosy home + hot water
  • Heat exchanger integrated into the combustion chamber
  • Increased return temperature and thermal discharge safety device
  • Prefabricated design: fast installation by a specialist company
  • Low space requirement (55 x 55 cm)
  • Suitable for timber logs and wood briquettes
  • Free choice of exterior design (tiles, plaster, paint)
  • Large safety pane for warmth and a snug atmosphere
  • All components match one another
  • High operational safety


Application examples: