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M chimney assembly kit

The all-rounder made by PLEWA – chimney and exhaust pipe in one.

Safe, flexible, easy to install and durable.

The classic PLEWA chimney assembly kit with glazed fireclay pipes is an ideal chimney for all types of heating system (oil, gas and solid fuel). In addition to well thought-out technology, environmental friendliness and top quality, this popular product features an excellent price/performance ratio.

Triple safety with insulated all around ventilation
high density ceramics

High flexibility thanks to
possible retrofitting to suit future fuels and heating systems

Ease of installation thanks to
prefastened insulation on the ceramic pipe
safe and easy assembly with a spacer system

Three coordinated components:
The outer "shell" of the three-shell system consists of a jacket made from high quality gas concrete wall elements with corner apertures to reinforce the system. The centre is made up of high quality mineral wool insulation (mineral wool kept in place by a glass fibre mesh) which is wrapped around the fireclay pipes. The fireclay pipes themselves are glazed, resistant to acid and burn-out-proof.
Optional: Stainless steel extra strong threaded rods for when the chimney protrudes to a greater than usual height above the roof. Universo (exhaust gas system) is a suitable solution for connecting to both open and room-sealed fireplaces for oil, gas and solid fuels with a waste gas entrance temperature of up to 400 °C. With glazed ceramic pipes, this exhaust gas system is not sensitive to moisture and is especially recommended for taller buildings. With its multi-shell design, Universo is resistant to soot fires.
As modern fireplaces are likely to produce condensate, we strongly recommend the provision of a waste water connection near the exhaust gas system.
The circumferential air gap between the ceramic pipe and the jacket is beneficial from two perspectives. As a source of ventilation, it greatly improves moisture prevention. What is more, it allows combustion air to be supplied to the heating system.

10 benefits of PLEWA M chimney assembly kits:
1. Perfect corrosion-free chimney system
2. Highly suitable for all heating systems
3.Outstanding price/performance ratio
4.Fast and reliable installation
5.Fireclay pipes with continuous high quality glazing
6. Functional and well thought-out details
7. Optimal functionality thanks to a triple shell system
8. Best possible thermal and sound insulation
9. System is not sensitive to moisture
10. Large variety of cowl designs