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Prefabricated F chimney

Innovative prefabricated chimney design in top quality, reliably realized by PLEWA. With its compact design, it becomes the heart of your home.

Readily installed in just 2 hours.
Quickly positioned.

The unrivalled prefabricated chimney. With its prefabricated elements, the system offers great safety at an affordable price for a system of up to 6 metres in length.
Easy to position.
The prefabricated design is the secret of this chimney system. Industrially prefabricated based on customers’ specifications, it comes ready to install and is positioned within a very short time using a crane. Chimney construction as easy as can be.


10 benefits of the prefabricated chimney:

1. Glazed fireclay pipes ensure an absolutely tight fit
2. Low modular heights allow precise prefabrication in line with customers’ specifications. Cowl installed in the factory
3. Rigid design
4. Monolithic wall (concrete jacket), usually just one joint per chimney - Blower Door Test passed
5. Solid and rugged design
6. For chimneys with F90 concrete jacket, no plaster is required
7. High functional safety and longevity
8. Broad selection of design (one, two or three stacks, air exhaust system, air exhaust system for solid fuel)
9. On-time logistical management
10.Chimney installation including crane work is available on request