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Future based on heritage

Tradition & Innovation form the basis of PLEWA's guiding principle. With almost 400 years' membership of the "EulnerBruderschaft" pottery guild, in 1868, Jacob Plein-Wagner ("Ple-Wa") laid the foundation for today's company. Right since those early days, product development has always come first. For instance, early in the 20th century, the invention of the fireclay pipe led to a ground-breaking change in the design of chimneys. The chimneys which had formerly been made of masonry, and all the issues they brought with them, gave way to an industrially fabricated quality product optimally adapted to meet the high requirements for stove and heating technology. The standards formulated in that patent are just as valid today.

PLEWA went on to develop various successful and innovative chimney and heating technology products. For instance, early in the new millennium, UniTherm was developed, the first prefabricated chimney with an integrated fireplace.
Thanks to this innovation, PLEWA has been able to revolutionize the chimney market once more. Based on our motto "all in one", the UniTherm series meets the needs of building owners in terms of space-saving, future-proof and ecological heating technology which allows them to enjoy the fascination of a lively log fire in their own home.