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Company business:   

  • Chimney technology
  • Heating systems

Production locations:
Klardorf and Speicher

Sales organisation:
PLEWA SchornsteinTechnik und HeizSysteme GmbH sells its products/systems through contract and cooperation partners, associated companies and sales representatives as well as through its own sales staff and subsidiaries in Germany, Belgium, Italy, Luxembourg, Norway, Austria and Switzerland. We have global sales relationships.

approximately 95 employees (as at 12.2013)


  • Planners and architects
  • Civil engineers, property developers, authorities etc.
  • Construction material dealers
  • Building companies
  • Prefabricated house manufacturers
  • Furnace builders
  • Chimney sweeps

Our team of proficient sales consultants is here to help you clarify all issues dealing with chimney technology. They will analyse your requirements on an individual basis and work with you to find a suitable concept, including appropriate RFQs. What is more, our consultants can help you on site to ensure you get a complete, expert installation. Our in-house customer service team will ensure you get quick assistance should you need it.

PLEWA's proximity to our customers:
With our extensive sales network, PLEWAcan offer short response and delivery timesright across Germany and in many parts of Europe.